Luck of the iFest!

Luck of the iFest!



iFest may look like something that has to do with an Apple product just by the nature of the name, however, you would be wrong in that assumption. iFest is all about the Irish! This Irish Festival will be held over 3 days from September 26th-28th at the Seaport World Trade Center.

There will be four festival stages that will be showcasing the best of Irish talent, live cookery demonstrations,…

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Say Ahh!

No one I know is a fan of the dentist – trips can be painful to say the least, and uncomfortable at best. How am I supposed to answer your question while you’re working on my back molars? Anyways, I digress. As painful or uncomfortable as the dentist can be, oral health is extremely important.

On September 29th, Innovations in Interprofessional Oral Health and the Bouvé College of Health Sciences

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Green Line Advancements (Finally!)

Green Line Advancements (Finally!)

green line

Living on the Green Line can be a hassle. You never know when the next train will arrive, is it 5 minutes? 15? 30? Who knows! It’s a hit or miss guessing game that can cause some serious frustration, not to mention delays in your planning!

Well, these frustrations will (hopefully) be coming to an end later this year! Last Friday, the MBTA confirmed that they are putting the final touches on a…

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Fall Fest ‘14!

Fall Fest ’14!

It’s Coming.

Fall Fest is less than a week away! Are you ready?!

If you haven’t heard, Fall Fest ’14 is a FREE Festival for ALL Northeastern Students. There will be music, giveaways, entertainment, games, novelties, performances, Boston Food Trucks… and best of all a chance to learn more about what makes Northeastern such a vibrant and special community! On Labor Day, Sept. 1st, you can immerse…

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NU Dining’s Move-in Schedule

NU Dining’s Move-in Schedule

Last week, Northeastern Dining officially announced their hours for move-in! This means that you can finally enjoy all of the options that have been closed all summer (ahem… Kigo Kitchen)!

Check out the schedule below to find the hours of your favorite campus eatery!


(PS. if it’s too small… just click it! The full size image is a little easier to read!)

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Safe Driving Awareness Week

Safe Driving Awareness Week


Surprise one way streets, intersections with 9 entry points, and drivers who are known countrywide for doing basically whatever they want… driving safe in Boston can be a bit of a challenge. Add drivers who are distracted by their phone? Daunting!

Sprint is working to fight for safe drivers next week during Safe Driving Awareness Week. They want to make sure that safe driving is on the forefront…

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JP Music Fest! Sept. 6th (PS. It’s Free!)

JP Music Fest! Sept. 6th (PS. It’s Free!)

JP MusicDo you like free things? And Music? If so, you won’t want to miss the FREE JP Music Festival happening on Saturday, September 6th from 12:00-7:00 pm at Pinebanks Field in Jamaica Plain.

Yes. Seven straight hours of free, live music! There will be 2 stages for the 21 bands in attendance, all who live or work in Jamaica Plain! You can even check out a 70-minute mixtape preview herethat has music…

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Move-in is coming, grab your U-Haul & tips from Off Campus Student Services!

Move-in is coming, grab your U-Haul & tips from Off Campus Student Services!


Can you believe that move-in is less than 2 weeks away? This summer flew by!

If you are living off campus, you know that September 1st is the biggest move-in day of the year. Not just for college students, but pretty much any unit that is being rented in Boston! This can cause some serious chaos if you are not prepared!

To help you navigate all of the U-Hauls, intense traffic, and mass amounts…

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We’re taking names left and right! Last week we posted a blurb about our amazing Career Services…


We’re taking names left and right! Last week we posted a blurb about our amazing Career Services being ranked as #1 in the Princeton Review’s College Rankings – this week, we have more good news!

In a list compiled by College Choice of the “50 of the Most Popular US Universities and Colleges for International Students” we were ranked #7! Check out some of the other school’s that made the list he…

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Pouring a bucket of ice-water on your head is not just a good way to cool (WAY) down; it is also a way to raise awareness and money for research on ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. This trend has hit all streams of social media with a bang – friends challenging friends, or rivals, or even Red Sox players and Boston PD.

If you’ve been challenged, or just want to participate, but don’t want…

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#1 in Career Services? Yes, That’s Us!

#1 in Career Services? Yes, That’s Us!


Experiential learning is not only a tag line here at Northeastern, it is concept that is woven into our core, and it’s showing!

This year’s Princeton Review’s College Rankings were released earlier this week and Northeastern was ranked at #1 in Career Services! Did you read that? #1!!

Check out these two fine videos highlighting the awesome-ness of co-ops


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Some videos for the weekend!

Some videos for the weekend!


We’ve been a bit  event oriented lately – since it’s Friday, we’re going for a different tune.

From a marketing background, it’s always fun to see what some companies are willing to do in order to make their customers feel special. On July 24th, TD Canada posted a video starring their one of a kind ATM – “Automated Thanking Machine.” Watch the special moments here:


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As we gear up for the weekend, here are a few ideas to keep you busy! Yachting to Yoga: hop on a…

As we gear up for the weekend, here are a few ideas to keep you busy!

Yachting to Yoga: hop on a yacht and cruise on over to Spectacle Island for some destination yoga! After you’ve worked up a sweat, enjoy a salad at sea while the yacht takes you back to the mainland!

  • Date:     Saturday 8/2
  • Time:     9:00-12:00
  • Cost:      29

Red White & Brew Summerfest: Sample a variety of wines and summer craft…

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Brand Ambassador Opportunity! (make some extra cash!)

Brand Ambassador Opportunity! (make some extra cash!)

Part-time job opportunity as a brand ambassador!

BAND, a social messaging app, is being launched at Northeastern this fall! Youth Marketing Connection is looking for interested applicants to help grow the mobile community on campus. As a BAND Brand Ambassador you will be hosting events and leading marketing efforts over a period of 11 weeks. The perks? A minimum of $700 and ongoing opportunities…

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Spark your inner outdoor enthusiast! #Adventuremore

Spark your inner outdoor enthusiast! #Adventuremore



Are you looking to indulge your inner “outdoor enthusiast” this summer? REI is here to help!

This Saturday, 7/26, they have an introduction to Bouldering/Rock Climbing class in Lincoln, RI at 9:00 am. On Sunday, 7/27, you can learn to SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) on the Charles at 9:00 am in Needham. Next Tuesday, 7/29, at 6:30 pm in Framingham, there’s a class that will help you prepare for the…

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